Eyes Wide Open was founded by a group of young people and has been
facilitating workshops around social themes since 2006. The group is
dedicated to supporting and facilitating the development of
creativity, innovative thought and talent. In a context where much of
contemporary art remains abstract and difficult for people to
appreciate and understand, Eyes Wide Open calls for a return to the
link between art and beauty and simultaneously fosters an awareness of
the benefits of cultural diversity and service.

The group creates educational workshops for people of all ages and
abilities and aims to be a lively place for exchanging ideas and
discussions, on art and culture whilst building up steady
relationships between people in the local community and making art
more accessible.

Our projects are collaborative in nature and all those who take part
are given the opportunity to make, display and explain their work.

We also arrange gallery tours and excursions with an emphasis on art.

Through the use of art, we proposes a vision that is global,
respectful and non-exclusive.