TranAct aimed to provide young people who are currently involved in different volunteering schemes in Galicia (Spain) to come to the UK and got involved with local projects. Special attention was paid to the differences in culture between the 2 countries. Young people from both countries got involved with an initiative with a twofold objective.

-Firstly, we would like to learn more about the technical aspects of photography and share experiences of our learning.

-Secondly, we would like to explore the Spanish and British modern concept of urban and rural life and use photography to use our research. We would look at how the other country is portrayed in the media of the other and address differences and stereotypes.

-Finally, as the British group is very multicultural, it would be enriching for the Spanish to see this multiculturalism in a first hand way by being involved in volunteering opportunities.

We had workshops, visits to galleries and practical volunteering time and it was fully youth-led as both partners are youth-led organizations.